Expert Advice



Learning about the differences between types of incontinence, and the underlying causes,
are the first steps towards gaining greater freedom.


Buddies® are committed to helping at every stage, to get you one step closer to independent living. We can take you through causes, symptoms and treatments, to help carry out ongoing management.

With our own Registered Nurse, Treasure Vellis, you can be rest assured, our information and advice on incontinence care comes from a qualified source.

With over 20 years of experience, and a holistic approach to nursing, Treasure offers her extensive knowledge, expertise, and guidance to those dealing with incontinence and their carers, in order to provide the right advise for their specific needs.

Her work has included working with children and adults who have special needs and movement disorders resulting in ongoing incontinence or bed wetting issues. Her biggest reward in this area has been, and continues to be, enabling individuals to be as independent as possible.

She is a mother with two children, and not only understands parent’s needs on a professional and medical level, but also understand their needs on a maternal and emotional level. Treasure understands the complexities of juggling the stresses of everyday life and managing bedtime accidents and mattress hygiene - “Being a parent, I understand; it needs to be easy. You need to make life as easy as possible”.


For trustworthy and invaluable advice contact Treasure directly:

Phone: 1300 857 123 or (03) 9544 0723