Protect-A-Bed® Products

Sleep disruption and increased laundry workload need to be contended with during the toilet training stages. 

There are many products available to make the bed-wetting and toilet training process easier. Australian Made and Owned, Protect-A-Bed® Mattress and Linen Protectors give you a discreet shield to take the stress out of night time accidents. 

The Mattress Protector fits over the mattress, in place of a fitted sheet, and can be slept directly on. Available in a range of different sleep surfaces, they are silent, breathable, and waterproof. The feeling of normality helps with your child's self-esteem, whilst protecting their mattress from any lasting damage. Nothing like the crinkly plastic we grew up with.

The super absorbent Linen Protector fits over the Mattress Protector, and is made of the same silent, breathable and waterproof material. It is made to span the midsection of the bed, tucking in at the sides. If an accident occurs during the night you can easily remove the Linen Protector and put your child back to sleep. All the while, the remaining Mattress Protec tor in place for any additional accidents.

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