Incontinence in the Elderly


Incontinence becomes more common as people age.
 It may be caused by a medical problem and is often made worse by the effects of dementia.



The memory loss and confusion caused by Dementia can cause bladder and bowel control problems.

People with dementia may:

  • Forget where to find the toilet
  • Not be able to hold on until they find the toilet
  • Forget how to undo their clothes
  • Forget what to do when they get to they toilet.
  • Know when they need to go to the toilet

There are ways in which you can help provide comfort and dignity. Bladder and Bowel a government resource to assist with the prevention and management of bladder and bowel problems recommends:

  • Listen with care and respond to the person.
  • Get rid of clutter.
  • Keep the space around them simple and well known to them.
  • Show respect and sincere care.
  • Check bladder and bowel control
  • Seek help from their doctor, physiotherapist, or a  continence nurse.

For further information



Alzheimers Australia represent the more than 413,106 Australians living with dementia and the estimated 291,163 Australians involved in their care.

They can be contacted on:
1800 100 500

You may also want to look at their help sheet :
Continence -Caring for someone with Dementia.