Continence Care



Living with short or long term incontinence can be made easier
with the right products, guidance and specialist support

As a starting point, we recommend that you should speak to your doctor or a continence nurse. 
They will assist you in recognising the cause, treating and managing your problem.  

The Continence Foundation of Australia is supported by the Australian Government Department of Health under the National Continence Program.

Whether for you, or the person you are caring for, the National Continence Helpline, from the Continence Foundation of Australia is staffed by continence nurse advisors who can provide you with practical information and advice 

The National Continence Helpline:
Call: 1800 33 00 66

The Australian Department of Health provides information to assist with the prevention and management of bladder and bowel problems via the website 

This is a very useful resource for both those with an incontinence problem and/or those caring for someone with a problem.




The Australian Bureau of Statistics 2015 Survey of Disability, Ageing and Carers showed that their were 2.7 million unpaid carers in Australia with 96% primary carers for a family member.

Incontinence can be a difficult aspect for a carer.  It can be stressful, add to the workload and be unpredictable. 

Carers Australia is the national peak body representing Australian Carers and are available to provide advice in relating to looking after someone.

They can be contacted on 
Call (02) 6122 9900

Check out the booklet, produced by the Australian Health Department 
"Help for people who care for someone with bladder or bowel problems" 

It can be found here, or contact the Continence Foundation