Here at Buddies® we are a valuable resource for people living with incontinence,
including family, friends, and professional care givers.

More than 4.8 million Australian's of all ages suffer from incontinence.  The resulting challenges can be awkward, sometimes funny, frustrating or even a little hard to bare. Our range of Buddies® comfortable, reusable underwear, as well, chair and bed pads with a range of absorbency levels ensure that you have the products you need to ensure you are covered.   Our Registered Nurse is also available to provide valuable advice on no matter what your stage of life.

Established over ten years ago, and purchased in 2014 by Snugfit Australia Pty Ltd,  Buddies® is proudly Australian Owned and Operated. 

Other Snugfit brands include:

Protect-A-Bed® Mattress and Pillow Protectors, take the worry out of sleep time. Protecting you and your family from dust mite, mould and bacteria allergens, your mattress from everyday spills and stains.  

The TENCEL® range sensitive skin tried and tested and endorsed by the Eczema Association.

Visit Protect-A-Bed®'s website to find out more.


Lifenest™ Bassinet and Cot Mattresses are not only soft and comfortable but provide a safer nights sleep for babies. 

Designed by a doctor, its unique woven cradle contours to the shape of the baby's head avoiding damaging pressure and distributing it away from any soft spots. Assisting in preventing and treating flat head. The breathable netting also allowing the baby to breathe through the netting if he or she accidentally rolls onto their stomach. 

Soft and comfortable, easy to care for.  Available in a range of sizes.  Sheets also available.

Available from: www.lifenest.com.au


Dreampad™ Pillows play music through Intrasound Technology™.

As sound is converted into gentle vibrations, it travels directly to your inner ear.

The process signals the nervous system to relax, calming the mind and body.

A blue tooth receiver and music app which controls music selection, volume and an alarm is included.  

Call us on 1300 857 123 to find out more details.